Here is a look into my journey so far…

I have over 35 years of office and bookkeeping experience, sixteen of which have been with my own successful bookkeeping business, offering confidential and professional services to my clients.

On many occasions I would find myself offering my bookkeeping clients (at their request of course), intuitive insight and guidance related to their personal matters.  I would help them with relationship struggles, attracting more customers and how to overcome emotional traumas, just to name a few.  I offered them specific tools and ideas to help them achieve the results they desired.  I did all of this through simple interaction with them while doing their bookwork, not through an actual session.  More than once my bookkeeping clients would say “hey Wanda, you are going to need to charge me extra for your counseling services!”

One particular bookkeeping client and friend said to me one day that she was surprised I was still doing bookkeeping. She thought I should be doing what comes so naturally to me, which is talking to others and helping them achieve a more balanced and happier life.

I must say, I was surprised with her comment because I had never really thought about changing careers.

However, it did get me thinking. So when I started to explore this idea of helping people in a way other than bookkeeping, I realized that I had really been using my natural intuitive gift for many years. I had been teaching and offering friends, family and strangers insight and guidance in many ways like; how to heal themselves, become more aware of how their thought patterns and words effect their lives, see situations and/or people from a new perspective. All of these things can literally change our lives, I know this from my own experiences.

I had been sick most of my life because I didn’t know I had celiac disease. (it’s an autoimmune disorder that destroys the lining of the small intestine when you eat gluten). I didn’t discover the celiac until I was 35 years old. You see, I kept getting misdiagnosed. When I finally did find out what had been causing me to be so sick, the disease had already caused other health issues, like thyroid problems, IBS, the inability to absorb nutrients and my guts were not too happy either. Once I removed gluten from my diet, my intestines could start to heal. Staying away from gluten was definitely an improvement. I knew it could take 6 months to a year for the healing process. However, years went by and I was still having some health issues. There was a part of me that knew I didn’t have to feel sick anymore.

It wasn’t until I started looking deep within and finding what emotional traumas and thought patterns kept triggering old health issues, that I started to truly heal and really feel better physically and emotionally.

Like many others, I have had my challenges in life. Some easier to overcome and some more difficult. Yes there are still bumps in the road, however when we have the right tools it’s easier to navigate those bumps. Once we start opening up to healing ourselves and finding the tool that works best for us…the healing can begin. I have explored many types of modalities such as reflexology, reiki, other types of energy work and psych-K. They have all been beneficial in my healing process, and I am finding that running my Bars (Accessing The Bars®) along with clearing statements has really resulted in huge positive shifts for me.

It has been quite the journey and now it is time for me to share what I have learned so that I can help others in their transformation and healing journey!